About Lash Extensions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up with full, dark, curled lashes? With eyelash extensions that dream can become a reality!

Individual eyelash extension are applied one by one to your natural lashes. They will extend and thicken your lashes, making it look like you have naturally full and long lashes. Extensions will last up to six weeks if taken care of properly. Since your natural lashes will fall out every 21-28 days with the natural growth cycle, lash fills should be done every two to four weeks to keep you lashes nice and full.



Russian Volume

These are the fullest and most dramatic lashes we offer. These lashes are very thin and are applied in a 3 to 1 ratio. Three lash extensions are glued together to create a fan and then they are applied to one single lash. If you have very sparse or thin lashes lashes, these would be the best choice for you since they can give you the most volume.

Classic Natural/Volume

Classic lashes are applied one to one. Meaning one lash extension will be applied to one natural lash. These lashes look very natural and are very light you will not be able to feel them on your lashes. The difference between the natural lash and volume lash is the amount that is put on. Natural lashes will have 50-70 lash extension and volume will have 70-90 lashes per eye.

100% Real Mink

These lashes are 100% real. Mink comes from animal fur, so these are the most natural looking lashes we have. They are the softest and thinnest lashes we have. These are also applied the classic one to one way. These can be done in either natural or volume styles.